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La Perla is an Italian luxury lifestyle company owned by German entrepreneur Lars Windhorst through Sapinda Group.Founded by couturière Ada Masotti in Bologna in 1954, La Perla is one of few historical fashion houses with a woman founder. Ada Masotti was trained as a corset-maker.The current Creative Director of La Perla is Alessandra Bertuzzi who joined La Perla in 1987.


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Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Expensive Lingerie for rich skinny women Unrealistic goals Paying for Parking Micromanagement"

Assistant Manager says

"This company is just focused on selling that they will immediately cut you off if do not sell. Yeah its a commission based job, but with a small company like that its rare to get a crowd of people to stop in. Corporate is by far the worst!! They act like they care but wont reach out to you in a timely manner it will be on their time/their schedule. BTW the new regional is horrible!"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Nonconstructive pressure to make sales targets created an extremely competitive and negative work environment. The commission structure seemed purposefully confusing. Never earned a livable wage."


"Terrible CEO management style, lack of communication, significant turnover, not cohesive across teams/departments, CEO does not lead by example"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Abhorrent upper management at this store. Dictatorship at its best. The management here is abusive, hostile and demoralizing. They ask for your opinion, and if you actually give them your opinion and they don't happen to agree with it, they will devise any excuse to terminate you. A soul-crushing experience."


"Upper management are completely out of touch with retail , your opinion does not matter at all . Changes were made on benefits so you have to pay for health care and dental. Uniform is degrading to woman !"

Sales Associate/Key Holder says

"Simply put, the upper management ONLY cares about the store management. If you sell, they’ll praise the store management. If you don’t sell or (God forbid) voice your opinions, you will be terminated ASAP with a random excuse. The abuse of power and lack of professionalism from the store management is absolutely insane, but any kind of questioning will cost you your job. My suggestion: Unless you have something lined up, better ignore everything and look for a better place."

Ayudante de cocina (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo era tenso, de trabajaba bajo presión, hay que ser muy rápido y como mucha habilidad para hacer bien dicho trabajo, saber hacer cada cosa correctamente y casi a la perfección"

Sales Advisor & VM (Current Employee) says

"La perla is not one the greatest fashion brands to work for"

Marketing & Public Relations Intern (Former Employee) says

"The absolute worst internship I have ever had. The company culture is toxic. All the employees, corporate and retail, are miserable. Upper management makes it impossible for the retail employees to do their job. Couldn't leave there soon samples/product occasionallymico-management"

osmart (Former Employee) says

"Es un trabajo con mucho movimiento pero con muy poco sueldoteniamos segurono podemos ir sin maquilaje"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"I would give this company no stars if that was an option HR dept protects mgrs, not the company Mgrs are given too much authority Health ins benefits for dependants is too high, unaffordable High pay/commission create an environment of sharks No room for advancement Daily bullying in the workplace Mgr only hires young employees and inexperienced sales associates because they are easier to manipulate on a daily basis so if you arent between the ages of 18-23 you're out of luck Too much favoritism No training whatsoever Company only cares about profit The store manager is a monster and only protects those she favors.Pay/Commissionhealthcare for dependants, vacation, time off, HR support"

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's a very unstable company, I was hired by a manager which was replaced a month after I started working, I met the Company's President and days later she was replaced. Very disorganized company , when I placed orders for items that were needed for the boutique , the person in charged in Corporate almost never answered back and a couple of times I bought things that were needed ,from money that came out of my pocket. The Company has a lot of inventory discrepancies and I was blamed from that previous disorder, There is a lack of communication in between Corporate and the boutiques and more training is needed. I wouldn't recommend anyone working at this place.noneHealthcare"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I carried out a full weeks worth of training with no pay and I went in every night bearing in mind I had course work to complete I then had my first proper shift and got paid cash in hand and that was it."

acompañante de atmosferico (Former Employee) says

"ambiente de trabajo poco higiénico , lo que aprendí fue manejar camión es i muchas calles de la zonano hay descanso"

adetto alle pulizie (Former Employee) says

"Massima serieta fra datore di lavoro e lavoratore. Problema era un contratto a chiamata 2 oreBuona relazione fra datore di lavoro e lavoratoreEra un contratto con solo 2 ore"

encargada de tienda (Former Employee) says

"no es muy buena estaba todo el dia en un cubiculo metida no tenia ningun aliciente ya que tambien estaba sola y no podia si no estar sentada hay dentro esperando a que entrara un cliente y casi no entraban porque ya la zona estaba muy quemada tenia un buen jefe bastante compresivo y divertido pero creo que se pasaban con el horarioel sueldo no estaba malmal horario"

Responsable de stand Printemps de Parly 2 (Former Employee) says

"Très mauvaise organisation du au manque de directeur général France, suite au rachat de la marque par un grand groupe italien."

Impiegata ufficio acquisti (Former Employee) says

"azienda molto forte negli anni 80/90 ma ritengo che, dopo vari errori a livello dirigenziale , non riesca piu' a tenere il passo con i tempi"

Analisi e pianificazione (Former Employee) says

"L'azienda e' stata venduta e successivamente ha rischiato il fallimento.E' stata venduta nuovamente. Continui cambi di direttori commerciali e di mission che non hanno portato ai risultati sperati dai proprietari. A catena continui cambi di direzioni nelle scelte tra merce di basso prezzo e lusso aspirazionale. Tra intimo/lingerie/beachwear e outwear. Trovo il cambiamento estremamente stimolante,se preceduto da chiara motivazione,nel nostro caso e in quello dei clienti cio' non era chiaro. Il lavoro mi piaceva e lavorandoci per tempo tempo ero affezionata anche se questo aggettivo e' certamente scorretto assegnato al lavoro. Le richieste che mi avevano posto mi hanno portato a conordare la mia uscitamensa internavari manuali a cui attenersi"

costurera (Former Employee) says

"Aprendí el trato con clientes y ha hacer trabajos que nunca había realizado. El compañerismo era lo más importante, porque si hay un buen ambiente de trabajo el rendimiento es mayor.el aprender cada díalo poco que duró"

sono stata impiegata part-time (Former Employee) says

"Disorganizzazione e sfiducia da parte del datore di lavoroazienda in crescita"

impiegata (Former Employee) says

"Con la prima proprietà ho imparato tutto: rapporto colleghi, gestione dei fornitori, conoscenza approfondita delle esigenze e problematiche della gestione di un marchio moda di alto livello, lavoro di team, rapporto telefonico, conoscenze informatiche sempre aggiornate, ambiente stimolante creativo e lavorativamente esigente, rispetto per le altrui competenze, gestione dello stress, delle tempistiche, dell'organizzazione (problem solving). Colleghi competenti, professionali, motivati. Con la seconda e terza gestione ambiente con perdita generale delle competenze, inaffidabilità gestionale, ambiente diventato invivibile a causa della precarietà lavorativa ed economica, poco stimolante, per nulla adeguato nella tranquillità lavorativa che si dovrebbe avere per poter svolgere al meglio le proprie competenze e attività. Colleghi disorientati, preoccupati, spostati in ambiti non propri e quindi non più al massimo dell'efficacia. La parte più difficile del mio lavoro rappresentava in generale il problem solving veloce, reattivo, propositivo, risolutivo...sempre in lotta con tempistiche e costi. La parte più piacevole sempre il problem solving che ti faceva sentire attivo, 'sul pezzo', con l'adrenalina a mille utile per andare sempre più avanti. Stimolante il rapporto con i fornitori, interscambio...c'era sempre qualcosa da imparare. LA VALUTAZIONE dell'Azienda è divisa e contrastante a seconda del periodo e delle 'proprietà' diverse che hanno gestito l'azienda negli anni (ed i miei anni dentro l'azienda sono stati ben 26..)Lavoro che piaceva, stimolante, sempre qualcosa da imparare, vicinanza da casa, orari duri ma flessibili quando il ritmo rallentava un pòstress, periodi prolungati di iper lavoro"

Cocinero (Former Employee) says

"Fue muy buena mi experiencia en la perla.fueron muy cumplidores con el sueldo y las condiciones de trabajos.CumplidoresAusentes"

Superviseur (Former Employee) says

"Le métier de serveur est très physique et il faut avoir une bonne écoute, une bonne mémoire, savoir gérer le stress et savoir réagir et prendre des décisions rapidement toujours en faveur du client. Un bon sens du relationel et une bonne condition physique est indispensable.Adrénaline assuréetrès physique et heure de travail tardive"

Assistante a Directeur Commercial (Former Employee) says

"Excellent debut ....j'ai observée un 'take-over', et les mechanisms dans une entreprise iconique 'made in Italy'."

De todo (Former Employee) says

"-un día típico:compañerismo y diversidad en las tareas.-Aprendí:atención tl.albaranes,inventarios,paqueteria,carga y descarga mercancía,etiquetado de prendas y colocación.-La dirección:fue pésima.Nada de control.-Los compañeros:correcto.-Lo más difícil:Las devoluciones.-Lo que más me gusto:En general todo,fue muy ameno el día a día.Se hecha de menos."

Customer says

"Buyer beware...I bought a supremely expensive full price item online and they sent the wrong size. I emailed to no avail and tried multiple times to call—their line was either busy or went to a ‘mailbox is full’ message. I mean. The so called 28-day return requires you set up an account for which customer service is required—they have to approve your request and send you a pro-forma email to make the return. Why would anyone ever want to buy from this company??? There’s bad customer service and then there’s scam-level get it together. Go through a secondary retailer if you must buy this brand. Fair warning."

customer says

"Disaster. Placed an order during Black Friday sale, get an email from them TWO WEEKS LATER that my order has been cancelled, due to no stock. Offers me 50% off any full-price item, place another order, get an email the next day sorry order cancelled due to lack of stock. What the actual, La Perla? Won't be placing any more orders any time soon. No response to three customer support emails either asking to confirm order status. Plus, the website checkout is glitchy with impossible to understand error messages. Get a grip, La Perla - you're running a sh** show."

Jewel Zhu says

"I bought a $700 sleepwear for my wife, but La Perla shipped the wrong color. I then requested to return the item, yet it took me couple visits to resolve the problem with FedEx international shipping. I didn't receive the refund 5 days after the tracking information indicated the package has been delivered, so I called my bank to stop the payment. 3 days later, I was contacted by La Perla customer service agent asking me why I would have done that and wasting her time. Sorry? You sent me the wrong item, costed my time to go to FedEx center during pandemic and not refunding the payment on time, so your time is valuable, but mine isn't?"

La Estrella de Sevilla says

"Ordered silk underwear, when I received it, the silk bra had a little scratch. This bra costs £400 and it wasn’t in perfect condition, even though I ordered it from the original store. I have no words for it. I had to call DHL to arrange the return. Today I received a phone bill £20 for calling DHL. First they sent me faulty scratched bra worth £400, then I had to call DHL and the phone call costed me £20. Never again will I deal with La Perla. They completely lost there reputation for me."

Andrew says

"Disgusting customer service. Do not refund which you find out on small print on your receipt at which time it is too late. Absolute con artists. They will sell you at extortionate prices but they are not stupid enough to give you a refund buying back over priced rubbish of course not. Obnoxious disgusting staff after you have made an expensive purchase they turn tail on you. AVOID."

Sebastian says

"They sent the wrong order. Wrote 2 emails to customer care to exchange items but never received an answer from them. Nice products but awful customer service. Very disappointing!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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